Reis Transformation & Coaching

As technologies advances, skills are becoming obsolete faster than ever. Companies are focusing on complex problem-solving, cognitive abilities and social skills as the most needed capabilities for the future. Businesses are clamoring for workers with this blend of skills. Our coaching, workshops and consultancy services aim to develop these skills.


Coaching means having a conversation with a purpose – a purpose defined by the coachee. Coaching is about asking impactful questions that help the coachee to reflect and gain a new mindset to build their own way to success.

Coaching Focus:
Based on the coachee‘s agenda. The coaching sessions can happen face to face or virtually:

Career Coaching

Coaching for Performance

Coaching as follow-up

Transformational Workshops

The transformational workshops aim to support organizations in period of business strategies transformations, where the current and future leaders of these organizations will play an important role of leading the transformation. Frameworks and concepts such as Growth Mindset, Agile Mindset, Strategic Intuition, Discovery Skills, Reframing, Social Learning and Diversity and Inclulsion are topics discussed in the Transformational Leadership programs.

Transformational Coaching
Cross-Cultural Adaptability
Transformational Leaders
Extraordinary Teams
Millennial Mindset
Career Development

Curriculum Building

Most of the time Transformations demand not only different behavious from leaders, employees and teams, but also demand minor or major changes in Leadership Frameworks, a new Leadership Curriculum or a new Learning Strategy linked to the a new Business Strategy or a new Culture.

Leadership Framework

Leadership Curriculum

Learning Strategies

Talent Management

The 4th Industry Revolution is changing the nature of work and the meaning of career, requiring a constantly refresh of people‘s skills. A focus on learning experiences, career models and L&D offering will enable companies to attract, develop, retain and reinvent the right talent at the right time. As technologies advances, skills are becoming obsolete faster than ever.

Talent Acquisition
Talent Experience
Talent Expeditions and Discovery Journeys