The Coaching Services

The coaching services are delivered in the same format, always 50 min long and always based on the coachee‘s agenda. It can be done face to face or virtually.

Career Coaching

Through the ability to listen, show empathy and support, the coach helps others see things in a different way. Every professional should have a dialogue around their personal and career development plans.

The Career Coaching program (5 sessions) aim to support the coachee to find his desired career drivers and career path. The utilization of a Carrer Drivers assessment is possible.

Coaching for Performance

Coaching is not an intervention tool in cases of poor performance, it is a strong way to discover performance potential. The purpose of the coaching session needs to be discussed and agreed between the coach and the coachee.

Coaching is easily mixed up with mentoring between employees and managers. Sometimes it makes sense to combine these two, sometimes not.  The Coaching for Performance program (5 sessions)  aim to support the coachee to understand his/her strenghts, weakness, hided agenda and how to best use them to improve performance, growth and develop in the work environment. The utilization of the Narrative Big Five Assessment is possible.

Coaching as follow-up

Research has shown that an effective development plan brings learning on the job, learning with other people and a portion of formal training.

In the scope of the Transformational Workshops, some individual follow-up coaching sessions can be organized for all the participants. The context might be the interpretation of the Narrative Big Five assessment  and/or a Development Action Plan.