Curriculum Building

Most of the time Transformations demand not only different behavious from leaders, employees and teams, but also demand minor or major changes in Leadership Frameworks, a new Leadership Curriculum or a new Learning Strategy linked to the a new Business Strategy or a new Culture.

Leadership Framework

We know that development needs are easier understood and identified when people find it clear on what skills or behavior to improve. Leadership Frameworks make it clear what behaviors are expected from leaders and which are the core competencies associated with these behaviors.

Leadership Frameworks and the Competence Framework part of it are normally the main guidance and foundation for a Leadership Curriculum building. We help your company to update or a create a new Leadership Framework and respective Competence Framework connected with the Business Strategy and Company Culture.

Leadership Curriculum

A Leadership Curriculum (Leadership Development Portfolio) is normally built based on Leadership Frameworks with respective Groups of Competencies. Competencies might be grouped in clusters such as: Understanding the Business, Making Complex Decisions, Creating and Shaping the Future, Building Collaborative Relationships, etc.

Normally the different programs are organized to be delivered to different leadership levels (first line leaders, leaders of leaders, senior leaders, executives) and also based on the core competencies from different clusters that are expected from these different Leadership Stages. In the leadership curriculum normally we find both delivery and discovery skills, both transactional and transformational competencies.  We help your company to design or re-shape your Leadership Curriculum based on Leadership Framework and Company Values & Culture.

Learning Strategies

As companies build the organization of the future, continuous learning is critical for business success. For today’s digital organizations, the new rules call for a L&D organization that can deliver learning that is always on and always available. Only one decade ago, companies were content to build virtual universities and online course catalogues.

Today, we see the learning function as a highly strategic business area that focuses on innovation and leadership development by delivering a world-class learning experience, bringing multifunctional teams together to connect and collaborate. According to research, companies that build a culture of learning, practicing a growth mind-set, create designed growth and stretch assignments and openly discuss mistakes to promote learning, are 3 times more profitable than those that do not. We help you to align your Learning Strategy with your Business Strategy. In the past, employees learned to gain skills for a career; now, the career itself is a journey of learning.