(Team Development Activity)

Great for Team Development

Are you looking for a collaborative and creative corporate experience including a team debriefing session with a professional coach? Partnering with Fox in a Box, we have the solution!

Using teamwork and creative thinking to solve logical problems and overcome challenges, this is the ultimate team building activity.

Fox in a box has five different rooms:

Fox in a Box Central Bank
Bunker 17
Zoombie Lab
Tesla’s Mystery

Which capabilities you want to develop?

    An agile mindset is the set of attitudes supporting an agile working environment. These include respect, collaboration, improvement and learning cycles, pride in ownership, focus on delivering value, and the ability to adapt to change. In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work, brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.
      Observe details and adopt a new point of view. Step out of your confort zone.
        You need to pool your skills to make progress. Playing as a team is the key to success.
          Share information and reflect together to reach the common goal.
            Know how to grasp a problem in a critical way: question and question again. Avoid ready-made solutions by analysing the situation.

            Mixing work and relaxation, Escape Games are an innovative concept to unite a team around a fun activity: ideal for a successful team building event. During the game, the hierarchy no longer exists, only collaboration counts. It is a context where the issues will push everyone to reveal themselves, express innovative ideas, solve problems and leave the room motivated and stimulated. To succeed in their mission, the team will have to demonstrate excellent communication, critical thinking, creativity, cooperate with the colleagues with agility and manage the level of stress without flaw.

            What are the possible formats?

            FORMAT 1


            4 hours session:

            (without personality awareness)

            08:00 Introduction

            08:30 Escape Room Experience

            09:30 Coffee-break

            10:00 Debriefing session (groups)

            11:30 Lessons Learned

            12:00 End

            FORMAT 2


            6 hours session:

            (with personality awareness)

            08:00 Introduction

            08:30 Escape Room Experience

            09:30 Coffee-break

            10:00 Debriefing session (groups)

            11:30 Personality and team performance

            13:30 Lessons Learned

            14:00 End (Lunch)

            How personality influence team performance?

            For example, a high level of extraversion will be a predictor of individual performance in tasks that require social interaction; however, having a group of employees who are all high on extraversion might be detrimental to group performance because such groups may perform better at brainstorming tasks (where extraverted employees are inherently comfortable in putting forth their ideas) but not as well at tasks that require quick decision making and task focus.

            Additive tasks, variability in extraversion will result in superior performance because differences in the members’ personalities might be associated with unique skills that are required by the task. Highly extraverted employees tend to be friendly and energetic but are also more assertive and dominating. If all members are high on extraversion the group is likely to have more problems in dividing up roles and completing specialized tasks and may experience more conflict on leadership issues. Similarly, a group is composed of members who are low in extraversion may tend to be quiet and reserved. Therefore, if the group has both extraverted and introverted members (i.e., high variability), we expect the group’s performance to be better because such a group would possess the optimal composition of extraversion for group functioning. Variability of extraversion will not influence group performance on conjunctive tasks because performance on interdependent tasks is unlikely to be related to the variance in extraversion as long as the task requires similar skills from all group members.

            We can run 2 simultaneous rooms (12 people) and we offer the following:

            • Venue usage for debriefing and group discussion
            • Scape room usage
            • Game mastering, moderation and debriefing done by a professional coach
            • Coffee-break

            Optional Services:

            • Customization with Team Leader
            • Final Debriefing for Team Leader
            • Personality Assessment for each individual
            • Team Personality extra debriefing (for the leader)