Talent Management

The 4th Industry Revolution is changing the nature of work and the meaning of career, requiring a constantly refresh of people‘s skills. A focus on learning experiences, career models and L&D offering will enable companies to attract, develop, retain and reinvent the right talent at the right time. As technologies advances, skills are becoming obsolete faster than ever. Companies are focusing on complex problem-solving, cognitive abilities and social skills as the most needed capabilities for the future. Businesses are clamoring for workers with this blend of skills, not pure technical competency. We need both context and code, data literacy and data science.

Talent Acquisition

Accelerating digital, video, and cognitive technologies are quickly changing how recruiters find and court skilled employees. Rather than continuing to focus on sourcing and selection, recruiters are now relationship builders and managers. They are looking to enable a positive candidate experience for new employees—a task that requires both new responsibilities and new skills.

A recruiter in this new world can add value by building psychological and emotional connections with candidates and constantly strengthening the employment brand. Recruiters continuously expand their use of social media sites for sourcing, including Twitter, Facebook, Glassdoor, Pinterest, and Quora, in addition to LinkedIn. We partner with hiring managers throughout the search process, leveraging their networks, cultural needs, and success criteria.

Talent Experience
(Culture & Engagement)

In a digital world with increasing influence of Millennials, employees expect a productive, engaging, enjoyable work experience. Millennials, employees expect a productive, engaging, enjoyable work experience. Rather than focus narrowly on employee engagement and culture, organizations are developing an integrated focus on the entire employee experience, bringing together all the workplace, HR, and management practices that impact people on the job.

A new marketplace for pulse feedback tools, wellness and fitness apps and integrated employee self-service tools is helping HR departments understand and improve this experience. We partner with you on monitoring and taking actions related to the complete employee experience (journeys, experiences, engagement, and Culture) by implementing pulse feedback apps tools.

Talent Expeditions

Glassdoor data reveal that among Millennials the “ability to learn and progress” is now the main driver of a company’s employment brand. Yet only one-third of Millennials believe their organizations are using their skills well, and 42% say they are likely to leave because they are not learning fast enough. The goal is a learning environment adapted to an world of increased employee mobility. Interdisciplinary skills development is critical because these capabilities align with the organizational shift to networks of teams.

Learning should encourage, and even push, talents to move across jobs, , areas of expertise and industries ecosystems. . We partner with you to design specific talent stretching expeditions  programs based on experiential learning concept and with deep culture immersion such as: Discovery Journeys, Reverse Mentoring with Startups founders, Roundtables, Learning Labs, Social Learning Sprints) all linked and based on your business strategy.